A typical day of someone in charge of marketing and social media 

1) Wake up and read through your newsfeed. 2) You remind yourself that you must get to creating some space to plan out your social media posts. 3) Your day is full of meetings. 4) Meetings throughout the day have added more things to do today. 5) Your website looks great, and you know it’s important to drive more traffic to it. 6) You have 45 minutes before the next meeting, and this is a great opportunity for headspace to start the social media plan. 7) The phone rings – time for headspace now disappears. 8) You schedule a couple of quick posts on social media of photos you took the other day. 9) The posts get four likes (from mum, dad, and your best mates). 10) You keep going and remind yourself that this is worth it. 11) Each day rolls on like this, and you get to the end of the month and you haven’t had the chance to create that plan. 12) You know it’s important to build a strong presence on social media as your potential customers often look at what you do before they purchase. 13) Your competitors seem to have social media under control… and “Content is King”.

Most people in charge of marketing spend a minimum of 4 hours a week on social media for their business. 

4 hours x 4 weeks = minimum 16 hours a month Your time is worth $80-$100 per hour. That’s 16 hours x $100 = $1,600 per month of productivity  

Plus, the opportunity cost of sales you could make during this time: 16 hours x $500 sales per hour = minimum of $8,000 lost sales. 



Or... you can work with a Smile Marketing Expert and SAVE MONEY and TIME.  

Social media managed services start from $1,000 (plus GST) per month, which can include the following benefits:  

  • We match your needs with a social media expert.  
  • Social media plan for 12 months (usually $5,140)  
  • All your content, photos, and images are managed on a monthly basis.  
  • Your Expert sends you a monthly report and provides advice on how to optimise.
  • Monthly promotion to drive email sign-ups.  
  • Ongoing advice on how to optimise and grow your brand’s presence.  


For more information, book your complimentary 1-Hour Advice Session by contacting Alex on +61 418 674 850 or alex.gibbs@smilemarketing.com.au